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Renewable Natural Gas and Its Sources

Renewable Natural Gas

Sustainable energy has become a more frequently considered topic in recent years for businesses and consumers. Individuals are choosing to become more resourceful and responsible with their energy use, and the energy industry is growing and placing greater emphasis on the needs of our planet. Researchers have identified several types of renewable energy to address the growing need to reduce carbon emissions in the air. Use of renewable energy sources protects the environment in the long run, all while giving people the sustainable resources they need to keep their necessities powered. Renewable natural gas (RNG) is one such resource that has been identified by researchers as a form of sustainable energy, and is something the Dearing team works with on a daily basis. Below is some information on RNG, and its sources.


What is Renewable Natural Gas?

According to The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition), renewable natural gas is defined as, “A clean and reliable waste-derived fuel that can be used to power homes, businesses, and even vehicles.” Essentially, RNG comes from waste that humans and animals naturally produce through landfills, manure, wastewater sludge, and other materials. Methane, a major component in natural gas, is emitted from this waste and can have some potential environmental effects. Through the RNG capturing process, methane is repurposed into a green energy source.


Sources of Renewable Natural Gas

The RNG Coalition sites three main sources that are used for renewable natural gas: garbage waste, animal manure, and wastewater sludge. All three sources serve the same purpose in the RNG process. Each emits methane that can be captured and repurposed as a clean energy source. Because farm animals are a major source of RNG, it is often used by farmers as a sustainable and affordable energy source for farms.


RNG is accessible, affordable, and sustainable. It is already being used today in many industries, particularly business and farming, and serves many functions outside of those areas. With more and more research being put into RNG, it will only become more common in the future. Dearing specializes in custom engineered packages for the energy market, so if you’re looking for products to help with your natural gas needs, visit for more information.


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