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Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

Founded in 1945, Dearing Compressor and Pump Co. continues to be the industry leader in compressor distribution.

For over 75 years, we have based our reputation on service, reliability, integrity, and innovation and have responsibly served our industrial and energy customers with dependable equipment and systems for compressed air, gas, process gas, and hydraulic applications. We’ve been able to maintain success over the years by doing three things: treating employees like family, focusing on our clients and partners, and being a local company with a national reach.

Employees are Family

At Dearing Compressor & Pump, our employees are the heart and soul of our everyday operations. They keep us moving forward, which is why we consider each one to be a valued part of the Dearing family. As a family-owned and operated company, family means everything to us, and we know how much it means to our employees.

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“Client First” Focus

Service is, and always has been, our focus at Dearing Compressor & Pump. We believe that service is the key to the sale. Whether we are working with a manufacturer or distributor or taking a client through the sales process, our mission is to give them an experience that keeps them coming back. Our belief since the beginning is that our clients and partners always come first, and we do whatever we need to guarantee their satisfaction. It’s about more than just the Dearing name — it’s about a team that believes if you value your customer and manufacturer relationships, the business orders will follow.

Community Involvement and Beyond

Dearing Compressor & Pump is a local company with a national focus. While our roots are in the Mahoning Valley, our reach expands far beyond.

Our clients, manufacturers, and distributors span across the United States, as we have locations in Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA with our acquisition of Kruman Equipment Co. We distribute products from across the U.S., and are proud to be the oldest distributor of Gardner-Denver products in the country. Dearing Compressor & Pump also sits on several industry boards and support trade schools, such as the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology.

We also pride ourselves on being good stewards of the community. Throughout the year, our team finds ways to help improve our local Youngstown community by partaking in volunteer work and making charitable donations.

SERVICE is the KEY to the SALE

Dearing Family Philosophy

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Office Hours

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Youngstown, OH, Cleveland OH, & Pittsburgh, OH