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Our History with Gardner Denver: 1940-1960

Historical Dearing Compressor and Pump Photo

Over the years, Dearing has partnered with numerous manufacturers, distributing and selling their products throughout the United States. One company who has been with us, essentially since the beginning of our company in 1945, is Gardner Denver, which is one of the leading providers of air compression and vacuum products in the country. Dearing is a company that is rich with history, and Gardner Denver has always been a part of that. To celebrate our partnership with Gardner Denver, here is part of our history with the company.

Dearing_Historical_AlbinDearing and Co.’s Founding

In 1945, Dearing and Co. was founded by Albin P. Dearing III in Youngstown, OH. Dearing, with the support of local steel manufacturers, was founded with the goal of helping local businesses transfer from a wartime to peacetime economy. At the time of Dearing and Co.’s inception, their primary market was selling Gardner Denver products, a partnership that would last throughout the 1900s, and continues today.

The PartnershipDearing_Brothers_Historical

At the time of Dearing and Co.’s founding, Gardner Denver had already been in business for many years, but was looking to expand by utilizing distributors. Dearing presented a perfect opportunity for Gardner Denver for numerous reasons, primarily being their location. Located in Youngstown, OH, Dearing put Gardner Denver in the perfect distribution position in the Rust Belt region. Youngstown, having its own strong economy heavily based in steel manufacturing, is in close proximity to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, both of which being prominent steel producers. Though Gardner Denver already had a presence in Pittsburgh at that point, the relationship with Dearing allowed their footing in Pittsburgh to grow, and expand further into Ohio and across the country. When the partnership was first established in the 1940s, Dearing would primarily sell and distribute Gardner Denver air compressors, electric motors, starters, and switch gear to individuals within the steel and other manufacturing industries.

Dearing is proud to have worked with Gardner Denver since the very beginning. Today, Dearing is the oldest distributor of Gardner Denver products with Dearing’s purchase of Kruman Equipment Co. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on Dearing’s history with Gardner Denver!


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