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How Compressors Are Used in Plastics

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Compressors, specifically compressed air, play a crucial role in the plastics industry. Whether molding bottles and containers or conveying food trays, compressors are used in many phases of the plastics-making process. Industrial equipment, such as blowers and vacuum pumps, is also frequently found in plastic production. Today, we’ll share some information on how compressors, blowers, and vacuum pumps are used in the plastics industry.


Throughout the plastic-forming process, the material will become hot and must be cooled down to harden and form the product. Compressors, blowers, or vacuum pumps can be used to help the cooling process and aids the molding process as well.


Thermoforming is a process that turns a plastic sheet into a three-dimensional shape, such as a plate or a tray. Through this process, the plastic sheet is heated so that it can then be formed by either vacuum pump or with pressure from a blower or compressor. This process is similar to molding, though applied to different products.


Compressors and blowers are most commonly used in the molding process, especially in the manufacturing of bottles and containers. During this process, the plastic is placed in a particular mold, depending on what item is being made. The blower then emits compressed air through a tube-like filter, known as a parison, at the plastic. The air from the blower cools the plastic, thereby allowing it to harden before it is removed from the mold.


Vacuum pumps, and blowers to a lesser degree, are commonly used in the conveying process. Often referred to as pneumatic conveying, this process generally involves moving chemicals that are used as solvents from one point to another, which helps shape the plastic into a particular product.


Industrial products, like compressors, blowers, and vacuum pumps, play a large role in different areas of the plastics industry. Dearing Compressor & Pump offers several industrial products to help you in the plastics process. Head to our industrial products page for more information on our products.


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