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Does Your Shop Need a Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor?

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Choosing the right commercial air compressor for your mechanic or automotive shop can play a large role in the efficiency of your business. Many types of air compressors exist, but you may find that a rotary screw compressor is the best choice for your business. Here is why and when you should consider a rotary compressor for your shop.

What Makes a Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor Different?

A rotary screw compressor makes use of two interlocking rotors. The rotors continuously turn and move air between them. Through this process, the compressor can theoretically operate in perpetuity.

Every shop doesn’t require a compressor that can run for 24 hours. Nevertheless, when a 100 percent duty cycle becomes a necessity, then a rotary screw compressor can handle it.

These compressors will allow for faster work since they won’t need time to build up the air in a reservoir. Rotary screw compressors typically produce far less noise than other types of compressors. Also, a rotary screw compressor tends to use less electricity to operate.

When Should a Shop Consider a Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor?

Any shop should consider if they need a rotary screw compressor from the very beginning. However, the need for these types of compressors isn’t always present when a business first starts. In many cases, you can grow into the need for a rotary screw compressor.

For example, if your shop has an increased work volume or operation hours, you will need a compressor that won’t give you downtime. If you hire on more people and they’re all working from the same compressed air source, then you’ll need a compressor that can keep up with that increased demand.

You can usually tell it’s time to upgrade when you start to notice that your current compressor cannot keep up with the needed capacity of your tools. Upgrading also becomes a viable option if your current tools cannot stay active for the lengths of time you need them to.

Often, a shop can start with nothing but pneumatic hand tools. If your operations move beyond that and you require other devices that use compressed air, then a rotary screw compressor is an ideal choice. Some tools can require constant power and cannot work at peak efficiency with a compressor that cannot supply that round the clock air power.

Planning for the future is also a good way to determine if a rotary screw compressor is right for you. If you know you will have an increase in volume at your shop, then upgrading now rather than later can help you stay ahead of demand.

What Should You Look for in a Commercial Rotary Compressor?

Just like with any other type of air compressor, choosing the right rotary screw compressor depends on the needs of your shop. Evaluate your needed capacity (CFM) by adding up the capacity requirements for all tools and devices that will use compressed air. Pad that number by up to 25 percent to account for future tools or times when you need to run more tools than you originally intended.

This all also applies to your pressure requirements. Take the tool or device with the highest required PSI and use that as your main pressure requirement as you look for the right compressor.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to get rid of your current compressor. Your rotary screw compressor can work in concert with your older compressor. This can give your shop more options, flexibility, and capabilities when it comes to using pneumatic tools and devices.

Since rotary screw compressors come in various configurations, you must spend some time figuring out exactly what you need with a professional compressed air system dealer. Kruman Equipment Company sells, rents, and services high-quality commercial air compression systems of all types. Contact us to learn more about choosing the right rotary screw compressor for your shop.


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