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House-Flipping Projects: 4 Ways to Use Air Compressors

Flipping a house is an ideal way to purchase a property inexpensively and then make a profit by doing home improvements and selling the home for a higher amount. One of the keys to getting the most out of a profit is to do tasks quickly and efficiently. One of the most ideal ways to do this is with a professional air compressor.

Air compressors have all types of practical uses, and with house flipping, a single compressor is useful for a variety of tasks and jobs. Learn about the various ways you can take advantage of an air compressor, whether you rent a compressor for a single project or purchase one for use on multiple homes.

1. Air Nozzles

One of the more basic uses of an air compressor is to blow air. In a house flipping project, a powerful air stream goes a long way. A long nozzle helps access hard-to-reach places. For example, air can get cobwebs and debris off the top of cabinets or in the far corners of a room.

If you remove thin flooring or wallpaper, powerful air streams help loosen the material and make the items easier to remove. Large appliances may have buildup on them. Remove the debris without the use of water.

For example, large bursts of air from a compressor have the ability to remove buildup and debris on the bottom of a fridge. Use the high-pressured air to blow out lint from an older dryer vent. The air compressor makes the process easy and allows you to simply sweep up the debris.

2. Paint Sprayers

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to transform a room. When you flip a house, almost every room will have some sort of paint on the walls. Increase the speed of the paint application with air compressor paint sprayers.

A paint sprayer connects directly to the air compressor hose. The air blows through the tube and allows for an even coat of paint on the walls. With the compressor, you have the ability to cover a large section of the wall in a shorter amount of time.

With removable nozzles and various kits, you also have the ability to quickly change colors and adjust from room to room with ease. After you cover the large areas with an air compressor, the only thing you need to manually paint are smaller areas or edges.

3. Exterior Cleaning

The exterior is an important aspect of house flipping. Along with general landscaping tasks, an air compressor provides the ability to clean the exterior of a home. To do this, connect a power washer conversion kit to the air compressor.

With a hose and some pressure nozzles, high-powered water has the ability to clean multiple areas of the home’s exterior. For example, a water sprayer has the ability to clean the dirt and debris off the siding.

Use the water pressure to clean stains, dirt, and built up debris off brick and stone walkways. Instead of replacing the brick and stone, cleaning them can add new life to the look of the home.

4. Building Projects

Air compressors also have the ability to connect to a number of power tools. With the power tool connections, the tools have the ability to last longer and complete more powerful tasks. For example, if you have a large cabinet, a power sander will help remove old paint and restore the cabinet to the natural wood state.

Use tools like power drills with air compressors to quickly build and install new fixtures in the home.

Learn about all of the available air compressor products we have at the Kruman Equipment Company. We offer rentals along with full purchases and can help you select the best air compressor to fit your house-flipping needs.

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