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Crafts Professionals: Air Compressors and Tools

Many of today’s artists and crafts professionals use air compressors and pneumatic tools to create their artwork. Air compressors are available in many sizes and shapes and are the power sources for pneumatic tools, also known as air tools. Pneumatic tools are light in weight, are easy to hold and move, do not spark, and do not cause electrical shocks like traditional electric or battery-powered tools.

Pneumatic tools have fewer moving parts, simpler designs, and are faster and more accurate than electric tools. Despite this, pneumatic tools achieve the same high-quality results. Even with the purchase of an air compressor, air tools are more economical to purchase and maintain than electric tools.

More artists and crafts professionals are using air tools and air compressors instead of purchasing expensive table saws, radial arm saws, drill presses, and other heavy equipment. If you are an artist or crafts professional, you can greatly benefit by adding an air compressor and air tools to your studio or workroom.

Here are ways that some artists and crafts professionals use air compressors and pneumatic air tools.

Metal Craft Artists

As a metalsmith, you can use air tools and an air compressor to cut, shape, and finish all of your metal creations. Attach an air-reciprocating or cutoff saw to an air compressor to easily cut through different metals of any gauge.

You can also use an air hammer and air compressor to move and shape metal sheets, plates, rods, and other metal forms. Place your metal against a steel anvil, and use different tips and points on your air hammer to quickly pound and push it into the size and shape that you want. After you cut and shape the metal, use a pneumatic angle grinder, sander, or sandblaster to texturize and finish your creation.

Ceramic Craft Artists

If you work in ceramics, you can power a clay mixer with an air compressor to blend different clays together before shaping them into ceramic vessels or sculptures.

When in final form, place your artwork on a rotating pedestal for easy access to all sides. Fill a pneumatic spray gun with thin ceramic glazes, and spray them in layers on your artwork from top to bottom.

Once fired in a kiln, these layered glazes blend together to create unique effects that cannot be achieved by pouring or dripping.

Wood Craft Artists

When working in wood, you can use pneumatic hammers, drills, saws, nailers, staplers, and other woodworking tools. You can use these tools for extended periods of time because they do not heat up and stall like traditional electric tools.

Hand-held air tools and an air compressor can be easily moved around a workshop, garage, or home to work on different projects. This versatility allows you to use the same tools for creating wood crafts that you use for home repairs and upgrades.

Safety for Craft Artists

When using air tools and an air compressor, work in a well-ventilated studio or workspace, or work outdoors. Use a spray booth to contain airborne particles when practical and appropriate for your project. Turn off your air compressor before changing or disconnecting your air tools.

When working with air tools and an air compressor, always wear a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved respirator, with goggles, a face shield, and other eye protection.

For all of your air compressor needs, contact Kruman Equipment Company. Our experienced staff and engineers can recommend an air compressor make and model with a maintenance agreement that is appropriate for you. Come into our shop or give us a call to discuss your air compressor needs.


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