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World-Class Hanwha Air Compressors Making an Impression in the U.S.

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Let us introduce you to a family of high-performing industrial air compressors we carry from South Korean energy solutions provider Hanwha Power Systems.  

Hanwha is an innovative, global company with more than 5,000 air compressor installations worldwide. Their compressors are high-efficiency, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and versatile enough for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, air separation, petrochemical, steel, shipbuilding, transportation, chemical, electronics, glass and metal.

These modern-design air compressors are engineered for easy installation; stable, reliable and quiet operation; and they comply with international standards, including ISO and API, and produce 100% oil-free air in compliance with ISO 8573-1 Class 0.

Need Power?

That’s not going to be a problem. Available horsepower ranges from 30 to more than 4,000, depending on the application’s need.

Desire Peace of Mind?

Hanwha backs its products with Smart Care, its total care service. Options range from scheduled preventive maintenance to diagnostic services and prioritized repairs, all designed to prevent unnecessary energy loss and minimize downtime.

Here’s a quick breakdown of 4 commonly spec’d Hanwha air compressor products:

  • SM Series – Low-maintenance, highly efficient design built for reliability, dependability and low cost-of-ownership.
  • SM 100 Series – Advanced performance and efficiency through design modification.
  • SA Series – Air-cooled turbo air compressor for areas with water scarcity, poor water quality, severe coldness and high mountains
  • HB Series – A single-stage, centrifugal turbo blower directly coupled with a permanent magnetic motor.

Want to Learn More?

Contact a Dearing Compressor product expert and discuss how a Hanwha Compressor can work for your application.


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