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Ariel Ultra-Low Emissions Packing with BTUU

Ariel BTUU Part Assembly

A key part of building a sustainable future is lowering emissions, something that Ariel considers when designing and building any product. With the new Ultra-Low Emissions Packing with BTUU, Ariel has delivered a long-lasting packing system designed to reduce emission leakage. This advanced ring technology provides thousands of hours in low-leakage operation between intervals, giving you the ability to capture processed gas and eliminate compressor leakage. 

Environmental Impact

A product like this not only provides substantial environmental benefits, but increased revenue as well. Ariel’s Ultra-Low Emissions Packing with BTUU has resulted in ROI increases, with 99% of compressed gas, as well as leakage rates as low as 0.75 SCFM. Ariel’s goal is to maximize customer and stakeholder benefits, resulting in a product that successfully achieves both.

How “BTUU” Technology Works

In short, BTUU technology is a set of both cut and uncut rings that are combined to create a tight seal. Two of these rings are used to break down pressure, while the remaining two are intended for structural support. These rings are composed of thermoplastic and metallic materials, which allow this product to operate reliably. 

Even though Ariel has created a reliable compressor part with BTUU, they are always striving to improve. Their team consistently undergoes regular researching, modeling, and testing to ensure their products are always optimized for the best performance and minimal emissions. 

Dearing is a trusted supplier of Ariel compressor parts and products, including the Ultra-Low Emissions Packing with BTUU. Visit our parts page for more information on Ariel, the products they offer, and their commitment to sustainability. Trust Dearing to help you find the parts you need to help your compressor run efficiently.


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