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Oil and Gas in Every Day Life

HVAC Worker with Natural Gas Detector

When you look around your world every day, there are certain things that pop out at you that are critical to you living your life.  Sure, necessities like water, air and food are givens, but what about materials?  Clothes are made from cotton.  Plastic and metals form and shape the world we navigate.  But what about oil and gas in your everyday life?  

If asked, most people would come up with a very short list of products that they depend on which contain oil and gas.  While modes of transportation would be at the top of the list, followed by heating elements, fuels, lubricants and mostly construction or machinery, oil and gas deliver so much more.  Most likely, you are using something right now to read this blog that is made possible thanks to oil and/or gas.  Some of the uses might surprise you, some of them might leave you dumbfounded, but the uses of oil and gas in everyday life are abundant.


Yes, clothing!  While most people would shudder at the thought of wearing something made from oil or gas, there is a good chance that you are currently wearing an article clothing made from exactly that.  Outdoor clothing, as well as clothing made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and artificial fibers are processed using oil and gas.  More common elements such as sweaters, your rubber boots, shoe polish and even your running shoes and sneakers all trace their origins back to the use of oil and gas.


Now that you’ve chosen the right clothing for your outfit, you must find some accessories to make it stand out. Not only is your clothing made from oil and gas, but so are the accessories you’ve chosen!  Your sunglasses, designer handbags, umbrellas, jewelry, synthetic leathers and luggage all are possible due to oil and gas in your everyday life. 


Not many people are stopping by their local department store asking to smell the latest perfume that has the aroma of gas.  However, when oil and gas are processed, it is part of the process that creates elements that keep you smelling and looking your best.  From nail polish, make-up, facial creams to perfumes, shampoo, soap, and deodorant, oil and gas helps make sure you are clean every day.  And would you ever clean your teeth with gas?  Or put oil in your hair?  Well, you do it every day without even knowing it as you brush your teeth or go to the salon to dye your hair.  


If you’ve ever had oil get on you or your upholstery, getting it clean can be next to impossible, so the thought of having it as a product adorning your house may not be the most Feng Shui approach for your home.  But oil and gas are also found in your home.  The rugs in your house, pillows and upholstery on all of your furniture is created from oil and gas.  Outside furniture, sun loungers, parasols and umbrellas are all helping you enjoy the outdoors thanks to oil and gas.  

While there are thousands of products you use in your life that are made from oil and gas, there are countless number of others you don’t use that would amaze you as well.  Oil and gas are, quite literally, all around you.  Although many do not realize the importance of these two properties as it relates to a functional society, the impact they have is felt every day.  So, the next time you’re getting your oil changed in your car or using your natural gas appliances, remember that there is much more to oil and gas in your everyday life than transportation and your home.



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