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Getting the Most Out of Your Compressor

dearing compressor employee getting the most out of his compressor with consistent maintenance

That compressor you purchased wasn’t like buying a pack of gum. It took time, research and, most importantly, a financial commitment to purchase that machine. So, to ensure that you get the most out of your compressor, you must invest as much effort into its maintenance as you did in its purchase. This way, it will last longer than the gum.

The amount of work the compressor does over its lifetime is amazing!  One of these units can operate more than 80,000 hours over the course of its useful life.  And while warranties are certainly useful, they are not as valuable as a good maintenance strategy.

The truth is that the only way to make sure you are getting the most out of your compressor is to put serious effort into maintaining your system.   The good news is that you have a trusted company in Dearing Compressor and Pump Company which has over 75 years of experience in this field.  Here are four ways you can ensure you are maximizing your compressor’s lifespan.

Cleanliness is Godliness

There are fewer things that make you feel better and ready to face the day than a good shower in the morning.  You feel clean and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.  The same is true with your compressor.  Intercoolers and aftercoolers need to be properly cleaned.  For intercoolers, more cooling equals greater efficiency.  When these are dirty, they can cause more of a strain on your machine.  When it comes to the aftercooler, its job is to bring down the temperature of the now hot, recently compressed air. Aftercoolers should discharge air about 20°F above the ambient temperature. Lower temperature is better which means less water needs to be removed.  Keeping the aftercooler clean is vital, especially during warmer weather.  

Filter the Air

It is important to make sure that the air contaminants from the ambient air are removed. While we may be able to filter them out of our breathing, contaminants in ambient air become much more of a problem when that air is compressed. Water vapor, abrasive solids, and other nasty bits get squeezed together to form masses that can obstruct lines, cause valves to malfunction, and inflict unnecessary wear on air compressor components. Being diligent in inspecting the inlet filter cartridges, air-line filters, drain traps and oil filters help make sure the air around your compressor/pump is optimal for performance and that you are getting the most out of your compressor.

Lubrication Makes Things Run a Lot Smoother

Friction is not a good thing.  Using oil to lubricate your system reduces friction with moving parts, gearboxes and the bearings.  It also reduces the heat that is generated in the compression chambers, fills gaps so that the seals are air-tight, and acts as a self-cleaner removing particles and contaminants from your compressor/pumps moving parts.  But oil breaks down over time and needs to be addressed.  Be sure to establish a lubrication schedule using the right oil and the proper amount, as referenced in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Excessive oil use can also be a problem so be sure to drain off any excess oil before you start the system up again.

Set a Budget

One of the ways we’ve stayed in business for over 75 years is by limiting surprises.  It takes just as much effort to hope as it does to plan.  Don’t hope that something doesn’t happen to your compressor. Instead, have a maintenance plan in place to do all you can to prevent it. Be sure to have a budget so you can perform maintenance to guarantee you are getting the most out of your compressor/pump.

You put a lot of time and money into investing in a compressor for your company.  Failing to maintain your compressor is not a successful strategy for your business.  Maintenance strategies and protocols help you plan by securing optimal operations of your system.  However, if you are still unsure about what a plan may look like while you finish your gum, give us a call!  Our family-owned and operated team can advise you on how to put together the best maintenance strategy to take care of your system.  And if you are at the point where you are in the market again, we’ve got you covered!  Visit our industrial products page today or call us at 1-800-850-3440.


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