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77 Years of Resolutions

Dearing team photo- 77 years of resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are often the topic of conversation this time of year.  For Dearing, 77 years of resolutions is quite an accomplishment. From weight loss to being more fiscally responsible to connecting with individuals we may have neglected over the past year, everyone is preparing their resolutions for 2022. It may be a new year, but Dearing has had a resolution for 77 years that remains the guiding principle in how we do business.  Our resolution and philosophy to how we approach business is rooted in a sense of service in everything we do.  

With four generations of Dearings having led our company through seven and a half decades, our resolution to focusing on the service we deliver has been the secret to keeping our company moving forward and our partners satisfied.  While this resolution may not always be easy, it always works.  So what’s our secret to keeping that resolution?  

Always Be Consistent

Most people break their resolutions about six weeks into the year. They lack the consistency in their actions to help them maintain their resolution. For over 77 years, the Dearing family has been the leaders of the organization, continually embracing the core beliefs this business was founded upon. The consistency in how we treat our employees, the consistency in having leaders from the Dearing family, and the consistency in delivering quality service with EVERY interaction, EVERY time is what makes our resolution easy to uphold year after year.  

Service is the Key to the Sale

Sales is not easy for any organization. It takes a special group of people to be part of our sales team.  However, their ability to negotiate, or “close a sale,” is developed around the one principle our company was founded upon – delivering impeccable customer service.  The sale does not end with a signature on a contract.  It is simply the beginning of the relationship and the service we provide.  “No,” is only acceptable if all other alternative options have been exhausted.  The key to a sale is always found in the service we provide.  

Products Matter, But People Matter More

As renowned experts in air compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps, our partners and customers rely on us to be resources they can trust.  However, our products are not the most important part of our company. What matters most are the people that make up our company.  When our clients need a part or a machine, they call one of our team members.  When our clients have a question or are in a challenging situation that they need guidance on, they call one of our employees.  While we may have the product or solution they need, they know there is a level of service with our team they cannot get anywhere else. Our people are more valuable than any piece of equipment could ever be, and our resolve to have the best products, best people, and best customer service in the industry has not changed for the past 77 years.

As the new year begins, we all begin to evaluate our resolutions.  For Dearing, it’s a new year, but our resolution to deliver impeccable customer service with every opportunity has not changed for over 77 years.  Learn more about our history and our commitment to service being the key to the sale by visiting our About Us page and seeing the Dearing difference.


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