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What You Need to Know About Gardner Denver’s CycloBlower H.E. Series

Dearing employee reviewing Gardner Denver machine

Dearing Compressor distributes and supports a variety of blowers to meet virtually any need for manufacturing engineers looking for the best blower for their project. However, it’s important to understand the features and benefits that each blower can provide so an informed decision can be made. Gardner Denver’s CycloBlower H.E. Series is the latest high-efficiency helical screw blower.

Let’s examine some of the key features and benefits of the CycloBlower H.E. Series: 

  • Durability: Its unique design ensures that it is highly durable and will last for years with minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal for long-term projects that require reliable performance.  
  • Efficiency: This blower has been designed to be as efficient as possible, providing superior performance even in extreme conditions. This means that you can save money on energy costs over time. Energy consumption is typically the largest cost of ownership on blowers, so energy efficiency translates directly to cost savings.  
  • Quality: Only the best of the best premium components are used, from the o-rings and gears to the discharge bearings, seals, ductile iron shaft and PTFE-coated rotors.  
  • Noise Reduction: The low noise operation offered by these blowers makes them ideal for any environment where noise is an issue. 
  • Versatility: These  blowers are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications such as cement, wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, power generation, plastics, chemical processing, food and beverage, and more.  
  • Cost Savings: By using this type of blower, you can save money on both upfront and ongoing costs since they require less power to run than other competitors’ products. 

Dearing Compressor’s support on Gardner Denver’s  helical screw blowers like the CycloBlower H.E. Series represent a smart choice for any manufacturing engineer who needs a reliable and efficient  blower that is capable of withstanding extreme conditions while also reducing noise levels. With their unique design, these blowers are highly durable, cost-effective and versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications. 

Talk to our product experts as you evaluate your options so that you get the best possible solution for your project requirements.


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