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Nitrogen Generators – Are They Right for Your Business?

Nitrogen generators

For over 75 years, we have been one of the most trusted providers of industrial air compressors, pumps and parts.  However, a wide range of industries today are looking for more efficient and immediate ways to power systems as the price of gas continues to increase.  As an alternative, industries today are seeing the benefits and opportunities nitrogen gas generators provide.  This type of equipment allows for the direct creation of nitrogen gas, which is often preferred over having the gas transported in cylinders, which could cause issues.  These products deliver a constant supply of energy while delivering a level of quality in a variety of areas that many companies are searching for in more economically challenging times.  The systems exponentially return their value as they can produce nitrogen from the general atmosphere.  This on-demand production not only creates a sustainable solution, but it can also be customized to create the right systems specifically for your company’s needs.  

Does this sound too good to be true?  It’s not and here is how it all works.  

 Types of Nitrogen Gas Generators

Nitrogen generators produce, well, pure nitrogen gas.  It is done by separating nitrogen and oxygen from the air and other gas molecules, allowing only nitrogen molecules to reach the generator’s receiver.  There are two types of nitrogen gas generators a company chooses to use and it is all based on their demands, uses and needs: the PSA Nitrogen Generator and Membrane Nitrogen Generator.

 The PSA Nitrogen Generator is made up of two vessels that use carbon molecular sieves to absorb oxygen during the process. One of the vessels absorbs oxygen under high pressure, while the second vessel depressurizes it in order for nitrogen to be stored in a separate unit. With a higher gas purity, these generators are ideal for industries requiring consistently high performance levels.  

On the other hand, a Membrane Nitrogen Generator filters heavier, slower-moving nitrogen gas molecules out of compressed air using porous, semi-permeable fibers. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and other gasses are able to pass through these fibers and exit the system. While the gas purity levels are not as high as PSA levels, they make up for the shortcomings in their compact size, efficiency and how quiet they are while running.   

Applications for Nitrogen Gas Generators Across Various Industries

Nitrogen generators, similar to their industrial air compressor counterparts, are useful to an extensive list of industries.  Whether your needs are in food preparation or aerospace, nitrogen gas generators are suitable for many processes and industries, including chemical plants, mining, pharmaceuticals, as well as oil and gas, to name a few.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitrogen Generators

There is a yin to every yang, and the same is true with nitrogen generators.  The benefits of using nitrogen generators are vast.  Most notably, they are ideal for eliminating repeating costs associated with tank rental and delivery of gas.  Also, because the gas is being produced on-site, there are no supply issues or delays in obtaining gas, including running out.  The purity of the gas is also superior, as is the smaller footprint needed to have the cylinders onsite.  

While all of this sounds great, there are challenges with this option.  Nitrogen generators bring more long-term operating costs.  Gas offers more flexibility to move when needed onsite, whereas nitrogen generators are heavy and not easy to change, especially in the middle of a critical procedure.  While these disadvantages can prove challenging, the benefits far outweigh the obstacles.  If this is something that you feel can benefit your company or process, our team of experts at Dearing can develop an ideal solution to work best for your needs.


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