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Gardner Denver’s IQ Family: Revolutionizing the Positive Displacement Blower Packages Industry


Gardner Denver’s IQ Family has been a game changer in the world of positive displacement blower packages. With a wide range of options, from the simple IQ-RB to the efficient IQ-HE, the IQ Family offers reliable and performance-driven solutions for any industrial application.

What sets the IQ Family apart is its reputation for quality, reliability, and performance, earned through years of proven history. Gardner Denver’s IQ blower packages are trusted and reliable, ensuring that customers have the right blower package for their job. With more blower package options than any other manufacturer, Dearing Compressor & Pump can help customers customize their system to meet their specific needs.

The IQ-RB displacement blower package is a testament to Gardner Denver’s commitment to quality and simplicity. The RBS blower (tri-lobe design) comes in both fixed and variable speed options and can be equipped with inverter duty motors for VFD capabilities. With its compact design, the IQ-RB optimizes floor space and is significantly smaller than other similar models on the market.

The RBS design has several advantages over other blower packages. The dual splash lubrication ensures reliable lubrication on both the drive and gear ends for longer product life. The helical timing gears allow for smooth and quiet operation at all speeds, while the piston rings and flinger maximize seal life in continuous severe duty applications. The high strength shafts allow for higher operating pressures and rotation speeds, while the reinforced roller bearings are calculated for a lifespan of 100,000 hours under the most severe operating conditions. The involute three-lobe rotors offer the highest performances and efficiencies, and the high strength impeller case is heavily ribbed and machined from a single piece of cast iron to retain internal clearances and improve heat dissipation.

The IQ-RB is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to maintain and operate. The patented design reduces noise, and the compact design decreases system costs. It can be installed side-by-side and has easy access via removable front and upper panels. With its unique noise enclosure design with double sound insulation panels, tri-lobe technology reduces flow pulsation, discharge silencer, and patented tunable inlet filter/silencer reduces noise, making it one of the quietest blower packages on the market.

The IQ Blower Package features HeliFlow Blower Technology, which ensures strong design, reliable performance, and quieter operation. The unique helical rotor profile significantly reduces pulsations, reducing noise levels by 4-6 dBA over similar-sized, straight-lobe blowers. The helical gear design reduces noise, while the solid rotors reduce vibration caused by ingested material in rotor cavities. The HeliFlow has a higher shaft load capacity than all other comparable lobe blowers, ensuring it can handle even the most demanding industrial applications.

 The AirSmart controller is another feature that sets Gardner Denver’s IQ Family apart from the competition. The controller allows up to eight blower packages to be sequenced, reducing downtime for maintenance. It can be process or timer operated and distributes operating hours. The IQ package offers quiet operation, strength, reliability, and performance for all applications. The variable frequency drive and twisted tri-lobe technology provide maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs and minimizing the environmental impact. These features make the IQ package a superior choice for those seeking a reliable and energy-efficient solution for their industrial needs.

It’s all about finding the right positive displacement blower package that meets your unique application requirements. Gardner Denver’s IQ-HE package offers high efficiency screw technology with low energy consumption, delivering up to 36 psi for high-pressure conveying. The AirSmart G2 controller provides 24/7 protection and ensures silent operation with its compact design and flexible options.

For customers who demand maximum capacity with minimum energy consumption, the IQ-HE is a premium package with the perfect fit. The patented rotor profile with PTFE rotor coating promises consistent performance, while the reduced number of revolutions and energy consumption in all working conditions ensures a quick return on investment. The package is monitored 24/7 by the AirSmart G2 controller, which provides constant monitoring and the highest levels of protection against overpressure and high-temperature shutdowns, service advisories, and maintenance schedule tracking. The IQ-HE also offers flexibility in flow turndown, high and low-pressure options, and enclosed or unenclosed models. It promises silent operation, thanks to the rotor profile and noise enclosure, and simplified maintenance with routine tasks that can be carried out from the front of the package.

Gardner Denver’s IQ Family offers simplified maintenance with easy installation, simple piping connections, and routine tasks that can be carried out from the front of the package, reducing maintenance costs.  The IQ Family’s packages are designed for easy installation, routine maintenance, and reduced maintenance costs. With Gardner Denver’s focus on innovation and velocity, the company continues to be a leader in every market they serve. For help with choosing the right blower package for your project, please contact a Dearing representative today or request a quote online.


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