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Tiered Product Offering: Why is it Important?

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As the term implies, a tiered product offering is one that offers something like “good, better and best” for a given “good, better and best” for a given product.

We see this every day in the goods and services that we purchase as consumers. First, there is the base model car that comes equipped with air conditioning and power windows but not much else. Next, for a few dollars more, you can upgrade and include powered and heated seats, tinted windows and a fancier stereo. And finally, there is the model that has it all – sunroof, sporty tires, more airbags than seats and all sorts of other goodies that make the Owner’s Manual the size of an encyclopedia. When it comes to air compressors, a tiered product offering can be looked at in a few different ways. As a result, the following should help you navigate your next compressor purchase more effectively.


Here we are using the term “tiered” to refer to a company that has multiple compressor technologies to offer. It is not an issue of good, better, best, but more of a question of selecting the correct technology for your application. Typical compressor technologies include reciprocating, rotary screw, rotary vane, centrifugal, high-speed centrifugal, scroll and a few others. One technology is not right for every application. As an example, at low HP ranges such as 10 HP and below, several technology choices will work. However, one type will usually outperform the others depending upon the specifics of the application, including needs and/or wants of the purchaser. If the air requirement is very intermittent, the reciprocating compressor is likely the best choice. As the application specifics change, the technology choice may change as well. The bottom line is when the technology choices are limited, compressors are pushed into the wrong applications and the end result is suboptimal operating performance. Be sure you are considering all the appropriate technology choices for your application.



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