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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Rent an Air Compressor

Whether you typically rent an air compressor for home improvement projects or for your construction business, you may not have realized just how many possible applications compressed air has around the home. A rental air compressor doesn’t only help you get things done quickly and conveniently; it may also help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Here are some reasons why an air compressor can help make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

1. Renting an Air Compressor Avoids Disposable Cans of Air

Zero-waste or low-waste living is one way to be environmentally friendly. If you typically use canned air for applications such as cleaning your electronics, you’ve probably noticed that the can itself is disposable and may end up in the landfill.

An air compressor can provide limitless amounts of compressed air without disposable aerosol cans. Be careful not to damage your electronics, since an air compressor may be much more powerful than canned air. Depending on which unit you choose, you may need to turn the pressure down in order to create a gentle stream of air.

2. Renting an Air Compressor Is More Efficient Than Buying Your Own

Every time a machine such as an air compressor is created, energy is used for manufacturing, along with obtaining raw materials such as metal. If you buy a new air compressor, you’ll support the equipment manufacturing industry and increase demand. This means the manufacturers will go ahead and use more energy and raw materials to replace the machine you bought.

A rental air compressor is much more efficient, especially if you only need the machine occasionally. Renting could mean that several different people could use the same machine on different days of the week, which means less demand to buy new compressors that will just sit in garages most of the time.

3. Renting an Air Compressor Could Reduce Cleaning Products and Water Waste

If you use compressed air to clean dust out of electronics, why not take it one step further and use the air compressor to dust other items around the house? This tactic could help to reduce waste because it requires fewer products such as disposable dusters. Make sure you set the pressure to low, and never point the nozzle at yourself or anyone else.

You can also use the compressor to clean up outside. For instance, you could reduce water waste by using an air compressor to clean off your driveway instead of hosing it down. This technique provides the same level of convenience as a hose without using up water.

4. An Air Compressor Can Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

An air compressor is also a great tool to reinflate low tires. In some instances, you could make your car 3% more fuel efficient just by keeping the tires inflated correctly. Some eco-friendly lifestyles cut out driving altogether, but this isn’t feasible for everyone. So if you do still use a car, use a rented air compressor to keep the tires inflated and reduce fuel use.

As you can see, the creative use of an air compressor can help you use the power of air to decrease fossil fuel use, reduce the number of products you buy, and live a lower-waste lifestyle. Safety should always come first, so make sure you know how powerful the air compressor is and take relevant precautions (such as safety goggles) each time you use it.

For information on the types of air compressors we offer and our affordable rental rates, contact Kruman Equipment Company today to discuss our services and product range. We both rent out and sell air compressors as well as other machinery such as filtration systems.


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