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Pittsburgh, PA

In a city as big as Pittsburgh, it can be challenging to find the personalized care you need and deserve when searching for compressor and pump equipment. At Dearing, we treat everyone like part of our family, so you know you will receive that attention, with the experience and knowledge to tackle any sized project.

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent the equipment you need, we have you covered. Our staff is up-to-date on all pieces of equipment in the compressor and pump industry, and our warehouses are full of the top brands on the market, including:

Our Products and Services

Dearing Compressor & Pump is home to a number of compressor and pump products, as well as maintenance and repair services for your equipment. Some of our most popular products and services include:

Various Compressors Graphic - Air Filtration and Dryers

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Call 1-800-850-3440 today to inquire about our affordable air compressors and to learn more information.

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed on Weekends

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Youngstown, OH, Cleveland OH, & Pittsburgh, OH