Air Buildings

What is an Air Building?

Air Buildings are an electric-driven, self-contained, portable package providing a clean, dry, and reliable source of compressed air, all packaged into a single easy to install unit.

These fully packaged systems include the necessary compressors, dryers, and receiver tanks to meet any project and budget. Systems are designed with single point customer power connection for ease of installation. Heaters, lighting, and controls are preinstalled for your convenience. The unit is fully piped, wired, and tested. With driver sizes ranging from 1hp to 4,000hp, air buildings can provide the air power you need for instrumentation or efficiently starting larger gas compression engines. Footprints are offered as small as 16 square feet with support for any specified type of compressor (rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal, or rotary vane).

Dearing compressor offers custom units tailored to your specific needs. ISO shipping containers can be used to offer a truly portable package that is able to be moved from site to site or shipped anywhere in the world. Dearing Air Buildings provide the compressed air you need in an easy to use package. Air Buildings are commonly used at natural gas processing and cryogenic facilities, compressor stations, metering and regulation stations, downstream refineries, and chemical processing facilities.

Dearing’s mission of providing quality products and service extends to our Air Buildings with preventative maintenance plans and extended warranties available on every product we sell.

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