Air Compressor Repair & Rentals in

Emporium PA

Located in the Endless Mountains region, Emporium, PA offers beautiful sights and great game. Even though you play hard in the great outdoors, we know you also work hard in the shop.

Emporium, PA has served industrial work for decades, and Dearing Compressor & Pump Co helps your industrial or commercial business stay running with air compressor repair, sales, and rentals.

Whether you have a contracting project with a deadline or simply want to update your shop’s machines, we provide full-service support for all your air compressor needs.

What We Offer Our Clients

Come to Dearing Compressor & Pump Co when you need to select an air compressor. Emporium, PA businesses rely on us for new machinery in addition to used and rebuilt machines. Alternatively, if you find it more cost-effective to rent an air compressor unit, we offer that as well.

Do you have a machine with obsolete pieces? We specialize in fixing air compressors with hard-to-find parts. We’ve maintained our reference library since 1936, so we can work with your piece even if it’s outdated. Trust our trained technicians to offer you service that’s hard to find in big-box stores.

How to Contact Us

Although our company is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, we feel proud to serve a broad area, including Emporium, PA residents, and industries.

Call us at 1-800-850-3440 to learn more about our services.

Fueled by customer confidence since 1945.

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